CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Two men were arrested by Clarksville Police at Theatair X on Thursday night in an effort to curb illegal activity at the adult superstore.

“Theatair X has been a problem in our community for many years,” Clarksville councilman Tim Hauber told WDRB News.

Hauber says that was proved true again Thursday night.

Police arrested 57-year-old George Tunget and 74-year-old Jay Tuggle for public indecency and public nudity. Officials say an undercover officer saw both men commit sex acts in movie theaters inside the business.

“A lot of crime emanates from Theatair X,” said Hauber.

Tunget was also charged with possession of meth when he was picked up at the adult store.

“When you're involved with this type of clientele, that's visiting places like that, you're gonna get that type of thing and drugs are gonna be prevalent too,” said Hauber.

As a councilman for three years, he would like to see Theatair X leave town. He says if that were to happen, other crimes would calm down.

“Whenever you've got -- I guess -- an atmosphere where a crime is tolerated, then you're going to get everything and anything coming into your community,” said Hauber.

This isn't the first time illegal activity has been found at Theatair X. Clarksville Police have raided the business several times, resulting in numerous arrests. Hauber believes the raids will continue to happen to help clean up Clarksville.

“It's just not ethically and morally -- it's just not a good thing to have in your community. It contributes nothing to your community and we're dedicated to making sure Clarksville is a good place to live and raise your family," Hauber said.

Theatair X also has about 100 pending building code violations.

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