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City of Louisville urges cars moved off main emergency snow routes

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -  Metro Louisville officials are getting ready for the biggest snow storm of the season and possibly the most snow this city has seen since the 1990's. 

"It is all hands on deck," said Public Works Spokesman Harold Adams. "There'll be approximately 130 people, probably a little more than that out, that's about half of our force," he said about crews reporting to work at 10:00 p.m. Sunday. 

Adams says when those crews hit the street at around midnight, cars should be out of the way. There are 98 designated emergency snow routes in Louisville. 

"If you're parked there, after that first plowing, you may be stuck there by that pile of snow," he said.  

The snow is expected to come down fast, potentially one inch an hour, and the temperatures will be low, which can effect salt. 

"When it gets extremely cold, we add the calcium chloride, which gives us added melting ability at some lower temperatures," Adams said. 

Last winter salt supplies were a big concern for a lot of agencies in the area but this winter that doesn't seem to be the case. Officials say here should be plenty of salt on hand heading into this storm. 

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says it has has around 31,000 tons of salt in District 5. 

Those crews are responsible for clearing highways in eight counties -- including Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt. 

About 42 contractors and even more state plow trucks are preparing to work long hours, according to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials. 

"They'll be working around the clock until we get this cleaned up," Tom Wright with KYTC said. 

Both the state and city agrees, drivers need to take it slow or consider staying home. 

"You should really be examining whether or not you need to be on the road and if you don't absolutely have to be out there, stay home," Adams said Sunday. 

Here's a list of the designated snow routes in Louisville:

- 1st Street                                    - Floyd Street                                      

- 2nd Street                                   - Frankfort Avenue                         

- 3rd Street                                    - Garland Avenue                                

- 4th Street                                    - Grade Lane                                        

- 5th Street                                    - Gray Street                                        

- 6th Street                                    - Greenwood Avenue                         

- 7th Street                                    - Grinstead Drive                                 

- 8th Street                                    - Goss Avenue                                  

- 9th Street                                    - Hancock Street                                  

- 15th Street                                  - Hazelwood Avenue

- 18th Street                                  - Hill Street

- 21st Street                                  - Hillcrest Avenue

- 22nd Street                                 - Jackson Street

- 26th Street                                  - Jacob Street 

- 28th Street                                  - Jefferson Street

- 34th Street                                  - Johnson Street

- 41st Street                                   - Kentucky Street 

- Algonquin Parkway                   - Lampton Street  

- Bank Street                                 - Leith Lane

- Bardstown Road                         - Lexington Road

- Barrett Avenue                           - Liberty Street

- Baxter Avenue                            - Madison Street 

- Belmar Drive                              - Main Street

- Berry Boulevard                          - Manslick Road

- Bluegrass Avenue                       - Market Street

- Breckinridge Lane                       - Mellwood Avenue

- Broadway                                    - Muhammad Ali Boulevard  

- Brook Street                                - New Grade Lane 

- Brownsboro Road                       - New Cut Road 

- Campbell Street                          - Newburg Road

- Cannons Lane                             - Northwestern Parkway 

- Castlewood Avenue                    - Oak Street

- Cecil Avenue                               - Pee Wee Reese Road

- Cherokee Parkway                      - Phillips Lane

- Chestnut Street Connector          - Poplar Level Road

- Chestnut Street                            - Portland Avenue

- Churchman Avenue                    - Preston Highway 

- Clay Street                                   - Preston Street

- Crittenden Drive                          - Roy Wilkins Boulevard

- Dixie Highway                            - St. Catherine Street

- Dumesnil Street                           - Shelby Street

- Dutchmans Lane                          - Southern Parkway

- Eastern Parkway                           - Southside Drive

- Furman Boulevard                       - Southwestern Parkway 

- Stiltz Avenue                               - Story Avenue

- Taylor Boulevard                         - Taylorsville Road

- Trevilian Way                              - Vermont Avenue

- Winkler Avenue                           - Woodlawn Avenue

- Zorn Avenue

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