JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- With threat of more snow and cooler temperatures headed our way, a southern Indiana non-profit has opened a temporary shelter to help house the homeless.

"So, we're basically going to be heading over to one of the homeless camps here in Jeffersonville, Indiana," said Paul Stensrud, Director Exit Zero Ministries.

That's why Stensrud is on a mission to says people for the dangerously cold temperatures.
"With the weather coming down to negative seven, negative eight -- Thursday, Friday, the ministry always jumps ahead," said Stensrud.

Tuesday afternoon, the ministry opened a temporary shelter at First Presbyterian Church in Jeffersonville.

That's why Stensrud hit all of the local homeless camps. He is also reaching out to people who have homes -- but no heat.

Stensrud said, "If you are a local resident, you don't have electric, you don't have heat, we'd be more than willing to sit down with you and bring you in here with the rest of the population."

Stensrud knows it won't be easy getting people to leave their homes.

He explained, "If it's a case where you're not warm enough and you need some blankets, please come and see us, get in contact with us, we'll be able to -- we would love to get you those blankets, that way you can stay in the comforts of your home but at least you're warm."

Meanwhile, the red cross is helping out with cots and toiletries for the week.

"They're here to help us, why can't we help back," said John Burnett, staying at temporary shelter.

Burnett is helping out to earn his keep.

"If it wasn't for exit zero, I don't know where I would be right now," he said.

Right now, he is living in a tent and taking advantage of the temporary shelter until the temperature breaks. Burnett hopes others will follow.

"Saving one is worth it," said Burnett.

Paul Stensrud says saving lives in the goal; that's how he got one man to come inside.

Stensrud explained, "He said to me...'what's that going to cost if I go to the shelter?' And I told him, it is not going to cost you nothing but it could cost you your life if you don't go."

The plan is to keep this temporary shelter in place until Saturday.

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