LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities say a Louisville man desperately wanted to get rid of the bugs in his apartment -- but his solution to the problem landed him in jail.

Curtis Jones, 81, was arrested Tuesday afternoon, after Louisville Fire arson investigators say he intentionally doused his apartment with kerosene in an effort to exterminate bugs.

It happened at an apartment on E. Muhammad Ali Boulevard, near S. Preston Street.

Jones allegedly poured kerosene throughout his apartment, and even into one of the public hallways.

"This action caused a risk of death or serious physical injury to the occupants of the apartment building and the firefighters and general public," an arrest report states. "The fire department responded on an emergency basis."

Jones, "also smokes in the apartment," the report notes.

He was arrested and charged with first degree wanton endangerment.

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