LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As If the trudging through the snow wasn't enough, get ready for dangerously low temperatures. City leaders say this cold may be more dangerous than all of the snow and emergency crews have been preparing.

"We consider this a public safety issue with all the cold taking place," Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said in a press conference Wednesday. "It looks like for now the snow is largely passed and the bitter cold is really coming right on top of us, that's obviously a major concern."

After road crews worked around the clock since Sunday, Mayor Greg Fischer says Louisville's snow routes are clear.

Now it's just a matter of clearing the mess that may be left behind.

"We'll work through the night and and spot check which means we'll drive all the routes and apply the calcium chloride if we see any spots that may freeze overnight," Metro Public Works' Jeff Brown said.

The concern for the next few days is cold.

"With windchills near -25 and -30, the time to frost bite is going to be as quick as 30 minutes," Metro Health and Wellness interim director Dr. Sarah Moyer said.

Homeless shelters are open and Red Cross warming centers are on stand by. Metro Government is opening its doors as well, including public libraries.

"All government facilities are open and operating, metro government that is," Fischer said. "If you need a building to go into and warm up in. "

With side roads and the sub zero temperatures JCPS is cancelling school for Thursday.

"It doesn't look good for Friday either," Superintendent Donna Hargens said during the press conference Wednesday.

All of this brings up memories of a storm in 1994 that no one who experienced it wants to go through again.

"We lasted for four or five days then so it will be as intense if not more for a shorter period of time," said Mayor Fischer.

Another briefing is expected with that final decision at 3:30 Thursday afternoon.

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