LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On a daily basis Therese Brandon, a MetroSafe Call Taker, deals with emergency situations.

Wednesday morning she was expecting non-stop weather related calls.

What actually happened was unlike anything she had dealt with before.

“By far it was the greatest call that I've received since being here,” said Therese Brandon.

She was just two hours into her shift when she received a frantic call.

“911 Operator Brandon. Where is your emergency?” she asked.

“There's a lady that's now having a baby in the truck. We're coming towards the hospital. Trying to get there but the baby is coming out,” a woman replied.

The truck pulled off on the Gene Snyder Freeway and Brandon calmly walked the family through the delivery, by phone.

“As the baby delivers support the baby's head and shoulders and hold his hips and legs firmly. Remember, the baby will be slippery. Don't drop it okay,” Therese Brandon said to the family.

“How nervous were you?” WDRB's Tamara Evans asked Therese Brandon.

“Very nervous. Very nervous,” she replied.

She says her training kicked in and on the phone she remained calm.

“Wipe the baby's mouth and nose gently, and dry the baby off with a clean towel and then wrap the baby in a clean dry towel,” Brandon told the family.

When Brandon heard the baby crying, she knew the baby boy was okay.

Major Chris Lokits, with Louisville Metro EMS, was nearby.

He stopped to help and cut the baby's umbilical cord.

“I've done it a few other occasions. Never on the side of the road in the backseat of a pickup truck,” said Major Lokits.

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