LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some local firefighters are helping their community stay warm -- with a very thoughtful effort.

The Lake Dreamland Fire Department is leaving cold weather gear near TARC bus stops and other areas where many people walk.

No department money was used -- the items are all donations, mostly from firefighters and their families and friends.

There are all colors and sizes for kids and adults, and the items come with a note that says: if you are cold, take these to stay warm and stay safe.

"People helping people, we're huge on family here and friendship," Lake Dreamland firefighter Steven Rock said. "We have a lot of good firefighters here and we do a lot to protect people here in our district. This is just another way we can give back, especially with the record low temperatures."

The items are going as quickly as firefighters put them out.

The department is taking donations if you want to help.

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