LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Lachlan McLean, who has been host of the SportsTalk 840 radio program for the past decade, announced on the air Friday night that he is leaving the program this spring.

His last show will be May 15, giving him one more Derby in the Louisville media contingent before moving with his family to Charlotte, N.C., where his wife, Carolyn Gaeta-McLean, recently took a corporate job with the Cedar Fair amusement park company.

“A lot of people have been asking me about my future on SportsTalk 840, some rumors have been out there, I figure I might as well just address the situation — it is officially confirmed I am going to be moving from Louisville,” McLean told listeners in the final minutes of his show Friday. “I'm going on the record publicly. My friends and family and everyone who knows me has known for a while, but I have narrowed it down now with my employer. My wife got an amazing job, and I mean amazing with a capital ‘A,' in the city of Charlotte, N.C., so the McLean family is going to move to Charlotte.”

McLean regularly signed into his two-hour weeknight show with the words, “Lach is on the clock,” when he wasn't exhorting listeners to “Let's Lach and load!”

It's an iconic job in Louisville's sports media, dating back to the days of Van Vance. After working in local television for five years, McLean took the radio show, and the accompanying position as sports director, when Tony Cruise left the position in 2004 to take over the WHAS morning drive job. There's been no word yet on what the station's owner, iHeart Media, plans to do with the two-hour slot once McLean departs.

Lach has graciously had me as a guest every Monday night since I took the sports columnist job at The Courier-Journal at close to the same time he took over the radio gig. And he continued to have me as a guest in that slot even after I left the newspaper to come to work for WDRB and
in 2012. Leaving newspaper for television means you give up some things in the media — the best seats at games and my Heisman trophy vote, to name a couple (don't worry, I gained far more than I lost) — but I always have appreciated his continued support and friendship, and the opportunity to appear on Mondays on a show I grew up listening to.

You can't hold his job without gaining a profound appreciation for the history of the position, of that radio station, and of the absolute and unwavering passion of sports fans in this city and region. It is a more difficult thing than people realize, in this day and age of splintering media and the diminishing tolerance of people for any standpoint that differs from their own, to host and succeed on a radio program in the midst of two loud, passionate and clashing fan bases. Lachlan managed that, and has the scars from both sides to prove it.

If you don't make people angry in that position, you aren't doing your job. Lach has done his.

He isn't finished yet, but as he made the call tonight to announce his departure publicly, I wanted to say a few things, and mainly thanks, and best wishes. 

“I don't have anything lined up there,” McLean said. “. . . It has been a wonderful 11-year run here at SportsTalk 840. I'm going to miss the show, the people, the community tremendously. I'm sure when the time comes I'll get all kinds of emotional. But for now it's still months away. . . . We'll have more kind of emotional catharsis as the time draws near, but I figured it was about time to go on the record.”

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