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Race against temperature to clear snow covered rural roads

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SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Snow and ice cover country roads in Scottsburg Indiana. The pavement is barely visible. One truck slips and slides down an empty road, another driver finds himself in a ditch, trying to be pulled out.

“They're treacherous right now,” Michael Stice told WDRB News.

Layers of snow and ice have been building up for almost a week.

“We started plowing Monday morning and it hasn't really stopped. We've plowed every day,” Scott County District Two Road Supervisor Cort McGlothlin told WDRB News.

As a lifelong resident of the area, it's something Michael Stice and his family is used to.

“Everything's so heavy and wet that you know you can't do anything with it as far as moving it around,” said Stice.

However, McGlothlin says he and others have put in a lot of overtime this week trying to clear the roads.

“We've got roughly 600 lane miles of road. We've got 10 trucks,” said McGlothlin.

He says the back roads prove to be the most difficult to clear.

“Some of them aren't 10 feet wide, our plows are 10 feet wide. It's hard to get the dump trucks up and down them. They're really curvy and hilly and just a lot different than a state highway because the roads are so narrow and so hard to work with,” said McGlothlin.

What makes his job even more difficult he says, are drivers who don't slow down and move over.

Another obstacle -- no salt. What looks like dirty snow is actually a cinder-ash mix.

When its spread on the road it gives people a lot of traction and it really helps, especially if the sun would come out, the cinder draws the heat to the road and it really helps melt,” said McGlothlin.

Salt hasn't been used on the roads for years, because the county doesn't have the money for it. McGlothlin says this winter has been one of the worst in terms of freezing temperatures.

“We've done everything we can do right now, it's just a race against the temperature because it's supposed to get colder,” said McGlothlin.

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