By Stephan Johnson and Ryan Cummings

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- An arrest warrant has been issued for the mother of a three-year-old Clarksville girl who died Sunday -- but it has nothing to do with the child's death.

Cyntia Weigleb failed to show up for court yesterday on a separate child abuse case. It comes as we hear the desperate 911 call she made the night her daughter died.

The 911 call was made on Sunday from inside this mobile home on Ridgeview Drive in Clarksville. In it, Cynthia Weigleb says she woke up and found her three-year-old daughter blue and bruised and not breathing.

The dispatcher then walks her through how to perform CPR until help arrives, but the child dies. The coroner has since determined the death was "unnatural."

“An investigation is ongoing at this time that involves the Clark County Prosecutor's office and the Clarksville Police Department," Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

Mull is limited in what he can say about the case, but he's confident there will be charges.

"I do anticipate ultimately criminal charges being filed as a result of this death," he said.

Weigleb has a history of child abuse. She was arrested in 2011 for beating a three-month-old so severely she broke the infant's legs and ribs.

She pleaded guilty to battery and causing serious bodily injury to a victim under the age of 14.

The Indiana Department of Child Services will also investigate the little girl's death.

"If it's sudden, unexplained or unexpected; so we review all fatalities," said DCS Deputy Director of Communications James Wide.

The 3-year-old's foster family would not comment on the case, but other family members tell WDRB the child was returned to her biological family a few months ago.

Wide says the agency is required to make reasonable attempts to reunify family members.

"That is the first thing you have to do and if that does not work then there are obviously other procedures to go forward to ultimately terminate the parental rights," said Wide.

The child's safety, he says is the number one concern. Following court visits, case managers sit down with family members to put together a plan.

Wide could not talk specifically about the case involving the three-year-old, but says everything will be reviewed including the circumstances surrounding the child's return home.

"We get all the documents, coroner's reports, autopsies, we get everything before we're actually able to review that fatality," said Wide.

Weigleb has not been charged in connection with her daughter's death and officials say they are working tirelessly to find out who is responsible.

"There is no time table, again, it is very important in this situation that we be very meticulous and that everything that needs to be examined be examined properly," Mull said.

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