LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky State Police say two people are facing criminal abuse charges after they forced a five-year-old child to sleep shackled to a ball-and-chain.

According to court documents, it happened on Feb. 7 when a Kentucky State Police trooper visited a home on School Hollow Road in Milton, Kentucky, to check on the welfare of a five-year-old boy.

When the trooper arrived, he says he was met by 32-year-old Darrin W. McDaniel, who was standing on the porch. McDaniel's girlfriend, 31-year-old April Vantyle, arrived a few minutes later. The trooper informed them that he was there to check on the welfare of McDaniel's 5-year-old son, who was at the home. McDaniel and Vantyle gave troopers permission to speak with him, according to an arrest warrant.

The boy allegedly told the trooper that he sleeps behind a couch, and that his father, McDaniel, put a ball and chain on his leg each night. The child even showed the trooper where the ball and chain were anchored to the couch, according to court documents. 

Police say the boy told them Vantyle also attached the ball and chain on at least one occasion, and police say when confronted Vantyle admitted that she'd known about the arrangement for at least two months.

The child told police he urinates in his bed because he isn't allowed to leave, according to an arrest report.

McDaniel allegedly confessed to the practice.

"He stated that he did this a couple times to discipline his son, to keep him safe, and to scare him at times," an arrest report states. "He stated his son did not like to listen to him."

Police say they also found marijuana inside a lock box. Before they opened it, McDaniel had told police anything inside was his.

McDaniel was arrested that same day. 

Vantyle was taken into custody on Monday. 

Both McDaniel and Vantyle are charged with criminal abuse.

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