LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The National Weather Service has predicted a significant amount of snowfall overnight Wednesday and into Thursday.

Road crews are monitoring road temperatures and looking for changing weather conditions. Updates on Road conditions in the areas surrounding Louisville will be posted below.

(11:10 p.m.):

Transportation officials say I-65 is barely moving between Cave City and Lebanon Junction. Stalled traffic is making it difficult for road crews to clear the interstate.

(10:50 p.m.): 


Crews are out clearing roads, but have been delayed in some areas as they are getting stuck in traffic along with other vehicles.

Heavy snow continues to fall across the district covering up the progress made by our plow drivers. Some of them have been delayed on getting to their routes due to being stuck in traffic delays. Road conditions by county are as follows:

  • Bullitt – mostly covered roads, crews salting and plowing
  • Franklin – completely covered roads, crews salting and plowing
  • Henry – mostly covered roads, crews salting and plowing
  • Jefferson – mostly covered roads, crews salting and plowing
  • Oldham – mostly covered roads, crews plowing
  • Shelby – completely covered roads, crews plowing
  • Spencer – completely covered roads, crews plowing
  • Trimble – completely covered roads, crews salting and plowing
Our crews will continue to work around the clock to clear roads, but it is going to be a slow process. We ask for the patience of the public. Motorists should only be out on the road if absolutely necessary. They are also reminded to call 911 for emergencies. Please do not use 911 to obtain traffic conditions. Those can be obtained through the statewide travel information system by dialing 511 or visiting

From Indiana State Police

Across central and southern Indiana, from Midnight March 4th on through 8 p.m., the Indiana State Police responded to reports of 99 Property Damage and 24 Personal Injury crashes, plus response to 116 vehicles that slid off the road and an additional 158 responses to assist motorists with traffic/weather related problems.

Unfortunately, there has also been one reported fatality crash that occurred in Hendricks County, around 7:20 this morning, at State Road 59 and County Road 200 North.

In southern Indiana, on I-64 in Vanderburgh County, the west bound lanes are closed due to different crash scenes at the 12 and 18 mile markers. It is expected the lanes will be closed through 11:00 p.m. this evening.

Road conditions in central Indiana range from isolated slick spots, with deteriorating conditions farther south to very treacherous conditions in the southern most portions of Indiana.

(9:50 p.m.): From KYTC

All crews are out in District 4 counties. Roads are mostly snow-covered with the exception of our most southern and eastern territories, which are still experiencing heavy sleet. Snow and Ice Teams are focusing on priority routes due to snow intensity. Much like two weeks ago, it is difficult to keep up with accumulation rates.

I65 / Parkways: Traffic is barely moving across the entire District on these routes. Many of our trucks are becoming stuck in traffic with other motorists. There are numerous run-offs and crashes reported.

US / KY Routes: These roads are covered or quickly becoming covered. Widespread reports of run-offs and minor crashes have been received.

All roads are very slick. Motorists who must travel please do so with patience and focus. Slow down. Most reports of run-offs and crashes can be attributed to driving too fast for conditions.

Motorists are reminded to call 911 for emergencies. Please do not use 911 to obtain traffic conditions.

(9:30 p.m.): From KYTC

The following routes are closed in District 5 due to water over the roadway:

Bullitt County

  • KY 61 (Preston Highway) in two locations between mile points 9 & 10 and 12 & 13
  • KY 1116 (Zoneton Road) near Sunshine Camp Road, mile point 4.0
  • KY 480 at mile point 10
Spencer County

  • KY 2885 (Bowman Lane) at the bridge over Simpson Creek, mile point 2.6
Trimble County

  • KY 2871 (Connector Road) near the Little Kentucky River, mile point 0.2
(9:25 p.m.): From Floyd County EMA

State of Emergency for Floyd County Indiana. Only Emergency Management Workers only allowed on roads. Refrain from travel.

(8:26 p.m.): From KYTC

Heavy snow is falling across all eight counties of District 5 at 8 PM. Visibility is really reduced due to how hard and fast the snow is coming down. Road conditions are classified as mostly covered to completely covered. The maintenance crews are salting and plowing, but roadways keep getting covered with fresh snow. They will work around the clock to keep the snow from building up on the pavement.

Motorists that must travel this evening are urged to use extreme caution. Reduce your speed significantly and turn on your flashers to make yourself more visible.

Elizabethtown, Ky.

Area warming centers include:

  • Colvin community center in Radcliff
  • Pritchard community center in Etown - only open if temperatures are below 10 degrees
Floyd County, Ind. 

Floyd County has issued a state of emergency, meaning only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads. The county is asking all residents to stay off the roads if possible. 

Jeffersonville, Ind. 

The City of Jeffersonville has issued a travel advisory until further notice. Residents are encouraged to avoid traveling if possible. The snow continues to accumulate and road conditions are deteriorating.

"Everyone should avoid travel if possible and park off the street to allow plows to remove snow," advised Moore. "We will first plow major thoroughfares before moving to secondary and subdivision streets. Our city crews and first responders need everyone's cooperation during the storm and its aftermath."

Jeffersonville City Hall will be closed tomorrow. Only essential city personnel should report.

Scottsburg, Ind.

The superintendent is urging people to stay home if possible -- as is the Scottsburg Police Chief.

Earlier today we were in Corydon where the street department was monitoring a stretch of Mulberry that was shut down because of the Little Indian Creek. We're told that area frequently floods when it floods and Wednesday it was 'mild'.

We also checked out Fourteenmile creek near Charlestown. The water seemed to be flowing pretty well, but from what we saw no buildings appeared to be threatened.

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