LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The newest member of the Bellarmine Lacrosse team is a cancer survivor who is just 10-years-old.

Adam Stoflet signed a mock letter of intent with coach Kevin Burns and his players Friday afternoon.

The team is adopting him as an honorary member through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation.

Adam's treatment for a brain tumor ended three years ago, but he has permanent hearing loss, cognitive deficits and other challenges.

"We are incredibly grateful for Bellarmine giving Adam this opportunity to be a part of the team, learning how to play -- the relationship he will form with the young men who are willing to take him on," Adam's mother Lisa said.

Bellarmine coach Kevin Burns said he's proud of his team and glad they got to work with the organization. "It's a great organization that will benefit the guys on team learning from him from his toughness and his bravery, we will get a lot out of it," Burns said.

Adam was geared up with all the equipment and even a jersey.

He will be a part of practices and games this season.

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