A few weeks ago I praised the folks behind the brilliant LED lighting on the Big Four Bridge. Most of the expense was covered by private donations with city government covering the rest. I think it's dynamic, vibrant, and gives a bit of quirkiness to the city's personality. 

This bridge restoration was paid for by taxpaying citizens. Citizens paid to light it. It should be for our citizens to enjoy and make Louisville a little nicer place to live.

Recently, I asked the people who run the bridge if they would be so kind as to light it in all red for a few days in March to remind people that March is Red Cross month, that Red Cross does a lot of good in our community during times of need, and that it's having its big fundraiser gala in March called Wrapped in Red. Many companies are lighting their buildings in red for that very reason.

And how do you think the board of directors of the Waterfront Development Corporation responded? Sure, we'll turn all our lights red for the Red Cross or any other charity - for $5,000 a day! I think that is outrageous. The bridge is not a business, but every business in every city donates goods and services to charities. The board of the Big Four Bridge should do no less, especially when it's such an easy ask.

Am I missing something here? Or is the Board completely out of line with this demand? Call and tell us.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.