LOUISVILLE, Ky, (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police sources say they have found what appear to be more human remains in a rural area of eastern Jefferson County where a human skull was found earlier this week. 

The few acres of land are situated south of Highway 22 where Lake Louisvilla used to be, before you get to Crestwood.

The skull was found Monday and late afternoon Wednesday, police say they discovered additional bones.

Police say hair has also been found, but they still don't know the gender, race or identity of the person.

"We would like to find some teeth to look at dental records, but when you find bone and it's just bone, it's going to take a while to identify somebody," Sgt. Emily McKinley, of the LMPD Homicide Unit.

One layer of soil at a time is being removed so police can look for evidence.

"We'll slowly dig deeper and deeper into the ground," Sgt. McKinley told WDRB.

McKinley said the land was about to be a Habitat for Humanity construction site, but that project came to a halt after a construction worker found a human skull on Monday.

The skull is being inspected at the medical examiner's office.

Experts are trying to determine who it belonged to.

"We have found some hair and that's something the ME's office, and forensic anthropologists will look at too, and will help determine the sex and race," said McKinley.

In the meantime, they're doing a lot of digging in case there are any other human remains to be found.

LMPD brought out a recruit class to search every inch.

"They're kind of helping us go through the mud, just as many hands as we can get to help us out," she said.

Police believe the person has been dead for at least seven years, so searchers have been instructed to only look for evidence that could be relevant.

"Anything that may appear to be a bone fragment, a bone, a piece of bone, any sort of clothing."

While police wait for the medical examiner's findings, they're scanning missing persons cases, near and far.

"We're looking at missing persons cases in the region, and even nationally, because you never know, someone could be brought here," said McKinley.

Construction has been paused at the site pending the investigation.

Police say it could be a while before they have a cause of death.

Right now, it's being classified as a death investigation.

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