LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some parents are asking for major changes to address overcrowding at Silver Creek High School, which has had additional structural issues recently. 

The high school was built in the early 1960's. There's wear and tear within the building, including a few spots where leaking has been an issue from recent snow and rain.

However, overcrowding is the main concern in the school that was originally built for roughly 600 students.

“The current student population is hovering right at 900 and increasing each year,” said Mike Crabtree, Silver Creek High School Principal.

Crabtree says every seat is taken in the cafeteria during lunch periods, lockers are shared, and the hallways are small and crowded.

He says a change is needed to accommodate the growing community.

“We hope that we have a facility that's upgraded, whether it's new construction or a combination of new construction and renovation,” said Mike Crabtree.

A feasibility study was conducted that pointed to the overcrowding problem and caught the attention of some parents.

“It was clear that there was a need at Silver Creek -- on Silver Creek campus -- more specifically at the high school,” said parent Crystal Gunther.

School board members have been discussing the issue for a while.

The School Board President of West Clark Community Schools says voting now would be premature.

“I think as a board we have to find some common ground, something we can vote on and feel good about,” said Brian Hurst, the School Board President.

Ultimately in the end, it would come down to what taxpayers also decide.

It could potentially mean a $70 million dollar bond debt.

“Any bond issue that we issue has to go as a referendum on the ballot and the taxpayers are gonna tell us what they want to do and what they don't want to do,” said Brian Hurst.

While the issue isn't on the agenda for Thursday's school board meeting, it could still be added.

Some parents plan to speak at the meeting, asking for answers.

“They need to better communicate with the community as far as where they are in the process and where they need to be in the next  six to 12 months,” said Crystal Gunther.

The school board meeting will be Thursday night at 7:30 in Sellersburg at the Administration Building on Renz Avenue.

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