SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Some Parents in Sellersburg say it's time for major upgrades to Silver Creek High School, but discussions took an unexpected turn at Thursday night's board meeting.

Before parents could even get to the microphone to discuss overcrowding at Silver Creek High School, the West Clark Community School Board took action, voting to begin plans for a new Silver Creek High School.

“I had a feeling there would be some questions for sure but I'm glad that worked out the way it did,” parent Crystal Gunther said.

A recent feasibility study showed silver creek high school was built in the 1960s for roughly 600 students. With nearly 900 students now, some board members felt it was time to take a look at other options.

“The motion tonight was let's not stop the process of what's been discussed and move forward. We seemed to have come to a stopping point with new school versus old,” board member Doug Coffman said.

The plan now is to look at using existing facilities at silver creek as part of the rebuilding plan.

“It's not just for our kids, it's for the community, you invest in education you invest in community, quality of life, it affects everything,” said Gunther.

The question is now not just for board members but for tax payers as well.

The feasibility study showed $61 million would be required for renovations or $70 million for a rebuild.

“That cost is a big concern, it's a big concern for all of us, so what we're looking it is going forward with a new school but at the same time looking at what we can salvage with the existing school,” Coffman said.

Next would be a bond referendum vote by taxpayers.

“We need a marketing firm to come and help us put together this referendum that has to go before the public,” explained Coffman.

For a $150,000 home, that equates to $97 more per year in taxes for renovations or 124 more dollars per year for a rebuild.

“We still have a lot of work to do but just to get the board to get a yes vote we still had some that disagreed but as long as we can get them behind it,” Gunther said.

Board members say a vote on a bond referendum likely won't take place until May of 2016 and there's a lot can happen between now and then.

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