By William Rutherford

Concerned Citizen

I find the homicide rate of Louisville Metro Area to be abhorrent. On average the homicides are proportionally about the same as Chicago. The Metro area has about 1/10 the population of Chicago and has about 1/10 the homicides. But this is not an average year so far.

As reported in the news, the shooting incidents 2015 year to date are about the same as 2014 year to date. Apparently the difference is the accuracy of the shooters. Last year more survived!

What is being done? If we listen to the Mayor and Police Chief as reported in the news recently, more layers of investigation are being added. Is this just 'feel good' activity? You judge.

If the number of shootings, as reported, has not changed, one has to wonder why remedial actions were not taken last year.

Does the mayor believe that bringing additional layers of bureaucratic 'investigation' by the FBI, ATF, DEA will reverse the pervasive actions of the perpetrators? Will this somehow give them new powers of insight which will prevent the perps from shooting someone instead of either walking away or agreeing to disagree? The answer is NO!

I submit a segment of the population supports these acts by not calling the tip lines and actively participating will not change in our lifetimes.

Therefore I submit that the Mayor and Police Chief are pandering to their political base with another 'feel good' activity rather than seeking an effective solution. This is also known as CYA!

I'm William Rutherford and that's my Point of View.

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