LOUISVILLE, Ky. He's big, he's blue, and he's bold.

Rock Wright may be the University of Kentucky's most fortuitous fan. The 23-year-old father of two from the Portland neighborhood just inked a national championship tattoo, claiming a perfect 40 and 0 season for the Cats -- before his team plays its first game in the NCAA tourney.

"He just walked in, came in and said, 'Hey, this is what I want to do,'" said Travis King, Owner of Prophecy Ink Tattoo Studio and Fine Art Gallery.

"It's my first tattoo," Wright said. "I said, 'If this status gets 200 (facebook) likes, I will get a tattoo saying 2015 National Champions, KY 40 and 0.'"

The post went viral -- but now some of the crowd who encouraged the ink are calling Wright a jinx. One person posted to his facebook page saying "...I am punching you in your nose if we lose." UK fan Tyler  Black tried the same thing last year. Black was panned then praised as 2014 Cats defied the odds and made it to the championship game as an eight seed. Black ended up getting courtside seats to the final game but UK lost to the University of Connecticut.

Wright says history won't repeat itself.  "I'm not nervous," Wright said. "I'm more excited than nervous."

The tattoo artist does have an exit strategy just in case. King said, " "If they did not win, I'll be able to change the 2015 to 2012....and the record from 40 and 0 to 38 and 2." The changes will highlight the University of Kentucky's last NCAA championship basketball season. 

Behind every picture there's a story -- and the ending Rock Wright wants is still being written, but there may be foreshadowing in his tale. Remember, he just happened to walk into a place called Prophecy, Ink.

"I've grown up as a 90s baby," Wright said. "I grew up watching them win the championships. My family is all UK. I've never known nothing else and I don't want to know nothing else."

The paint is permanent. There's no turning back. With six games until someone's a national champion, Wright will have to think positive.

Or is that "ink" positive?

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