LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An ethics commission is asking the Indiana Supreme Court to discipline Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson for his handling of the high-profile David Camm murder case.

In a complaint filed on Thursday, the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission accused Henderson of "professional misconduct" for allegedly violating portions of the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct when he secured a deal to write a true-crime book about the Camm case after Camm's second trial, while the case was still in the appeals process.

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In Nov. 2011, the Indiana Court of Appeals removed Henderson from the case, ruling that the book deal represented a "conflict of interest.

The complaint also alleges that Henderson violated ethics rules when he used Floyd County funds to pay the fees of the attorneys who defended him in connection with the ethics investigation.

The commission asked the Indiana Supreme Court to discipline Henderson, "as warranted for professional misconduct" and to order him to pay court expenses.

WDRB Web Producer Travis Kircher spoke with Henderson by phone Thursday afternoon about the allegations. Henderson said he saw the commission's recommendation as a positive development.

"This matter has been pending for too many years, and I'm pleased that it's going to finally get in front of a hearing officer, and that it is going to be brought to an end," Henderson said. "I'm glad because it's just been sitting there for so long and it's a matter that needs to be resolved."

"What I'm very displeased with is that this matter has been pending for four years plus," he said. "Nothing should take that long."

Henderson attributed the delays to "inefficiencies in the process of the people that are doing the investigation."

"You don't leave matters like this pending," he said. "If I'm an unethical attorney or an unethical prosecutor... if that's the case, then you shouldn't allow that person to practice for four-plus years... which, by the way, I don't believe I am. But on the flip side, if that's not the case, then the matter should be adjudicated and dealt with."

Henderson denied the allegation that his communication and relationship with the publishing company violated ethics rules, as well as the the claim that ethics rules were violated when Floyd County funds were used to pay the fees of his attorneys defending him in the ethics investigation.

"I believed then and I believe now that prosecutors are entitled to a defense, if that's in fact what the county chooses to do," he said. "That's another matter that's important to Indiana prosecutors. So I'm pleased that we're finally going to get to the point of having a hearing and let the matter be aired out and decided."

Richard Kammen, the attorney who defended David Camm in his third trial, was contacted by WDRB, but declined to comment on the commission's request to discipline Henderson.

The allegations against Henderson stem from his handling of the Camm case, which dates back to Sept. 2000, when Camm, a former Indiana State Police trooper, was accused of murdering his wife, Kim, and children, Brad and Jill. Camm was convicted of the murders by a jury in 2002, but that conviction was reversed by the Indiana Court of Appeals. In 2006, Camm and an alleged co-defendant, Charles Boney, were both convicted of the murders in separate trials. The Indiana Court of Appeals again reversed Camm's convictions in 2009, and in 2013, a jury acquitted Camm of all charges.

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