LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Sunday's loss to Michigan State was not easy on the Louisville Cardinals or the team's fans. While some celebrate the season, their in-state rivals prepare for the Final Four.

It was a back-and-forth game Sunday between the Spartans and Cardinals. Fans at the New View Bar and Grill in Highview couldn't get enough.

"It was just ‘Cardiac Cards', I mean that's what they're known for," said Vicky Bauscher, who wishes her team could've pulled out a win.

"It's … well you can see I'm fanning myself," she said. "It's just very upsetting and exciting."

"It was a great game, it was a great effort but we just couldn't hit shots in the second half," another fan said.

The road to the Final Four comes to an end for Louisville but Kentucky fans are ready for the next big game.

"Well we took a gamble this year and we pre-ordered Kentucky shirts," said Hillary Bayens, manager at JD Becker Superstore.

The company celebrated with brand new UK shirts ready for the Final Four game next weekend. Phone calls started coming in Saturday night after Kentucky's win.

"We were closed last night at 8 p.m., so we have a couple voicemails and then today, this morning when we got here, there were people outside and as soon as we opened the doors they started flowing in," Bayens said.

Nike's ‘Cut the Net' t-shirt was a very popular purchase.

"Saw them after the game and had to have one," Adam Smith said. “Personally ,I'm a fan of the gray. It's a little different and it's simple. I like it."

The store also has a design that lays out Kentucky's 17 Final Four appearances and another that says Unbeatables showing the 38-0 record. But some fans are too superstitious to buy.

"I usually wear the same t-shirt and I wear the same sweatshirt," Daniel Ridener said.

He's waiting until the team actually wins before snagging the new gear.

"I just don't want to jinx it, don't want to jinx the win - Wisconsin is awfully tough too," Ridener said.

Even though they didn't beat Michigan State, Cards fans are still proud of their team and some will now root for the Cats.

"I root for pretty much any Kentucky team, but yes I'll be rooting for the Cats as well."

"No, I don't like the Cats,” one man said. 

But his wife replied, “Oh no! I love the Cats."

Kentucky takes on Wisconsin next Saturday in Indianapolis.

As for other Final Four gear, JD Becker will be getting new UK hats on Tuesday.

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