LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Babies who are about to be born wait for no one -- not even a President.

We tracked down a driver today who made a very special delivery on I-65 during the gridlock resulting from President Obama's visit Thursday.

Tonia Vetter sat among thousands in traffic Thursday, bumper-to-bumper, with nowhere to go as roads shut down for the presidential motorcade.

"I knew it was going to be a long drive home," Vetter said. "So I was kind of just listening to music and hanging out."

She was hanging out when an emergency broke out right in front of her face, on I-65 near Fern Valley Road.

"You could tell something was wrong," she said. "I wasn't quite sure what is was."

The ambulance was delayed by presidential gridlock.

"The gentleman said, 'She's about to have the baby,'" she said.

That made Vetter the right person at the right place.

"I told the dad, I said, 'I'm a high-risk nursery nurse at Floyd Memorial,'" she said. "It actually happened very, very quickly... I think she pushed one time and the head delivered, and then she pushed again and the baby was born."

Baby Arlie arrived weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces, with pictures all over the Internet calling the child a "Baby Miracle."

Other drivers pitched in with a shoestring for the umbilical cord and a blanket to keep the baby warm.

"I've attended a lot of deliveries, but I've never delivered a baby on my own, and I've certainly never delivered one in the middle of an interstate," Vetter said. "God was definitely watching over me, the baby, the mom, because she could have hemorrhaged. The baby could of had a cord or a shoulder or any number of complications could of happened."

Mom and baby are doing just fine. A U of L Hospital spokesperson said they're both there and all things considered, are in good condition -- but not quite ready yet to meet the media.

Vetter totally understands. She's a mother of five herself, and says each one is a very special delivery.

"Congratulations and enjoy that sweet baby," she said.

Baby Arlie's parents, Jessica Brown and Zakk Satterley plan to share their story in have a press conference Saturday morning at 10AM at U of L Hospital

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