LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Up and down every aisle, the big blue nation could be heard loud and clear as the Kentucky men's basketball took the court for their pre-Final Four practice in Indianapolis.

Kathy Gillespie is commonly known as Krazy Kat and she fulfills all of your expectations.

“Well everybody thinks I'm a Duke fan, but hello, the D is gone and E is gone,” she points out. “What's underneath? Number One!”

As the cats look to go 40-0, many got to Indianapolis extra early Friday to ensure a close seat for practice.

"We left Kentucky at 5:30,” Micah Riddle explained. “We got in here at 10 a.m. when they opened the door."

Others signed up for a weekend trip to Indy a little too early, as evidenced by the few Cardinal fans could be spotted among the sea of blue.

"I got two tickets to the weekend, hoping it would be Louisville versus Kentucky because she's a Kentucky fan,” one U of L fan said, “but we got Izzo-ed."

That left people in Kentucky with a familiar choice between red and blue.

When we asked a 13-year-old what he says to Cats haters – or those who've picked Wisconsin – Kevin Girdler replied, “I tell them to shut up.”

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