LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- New Albany Police came out Monday and said they're not worried about any threat at New Albany High School.

Parents and students raised concern Sunday when posts showed up on social media, threatening a shooting at the school. The posts, reviewed by WDRB News, purportedly from a student at the school, talk about "slaughtering" students and references bullying as the motivation.

"What we can state now with 100 percent certainty--and let me say that again--100 percent certainty is that no threat exists to New Albany High School," said New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey.

On Monday, Bailey told the media that the social media account where the posts originated had been hacked, and that the account holder doesn't live in New Albany. Bailey said she is a juvenile and former New Albany High School student.

"The juvenile's account was hacked, manipulated, and someone posing as this lady made threats," he said.

Bailey did not want to reveal too much about the ongoing investigation but said they are confident the hacker never had plans to incite violence at the school.

Nonetheless, some parents remained concerned Monday. Belina Henderson said she would feel more comfortable if the police would reveal more about the hacker.

"They haven't released enough information," said Henderson. "That would make me feel better. If they released a statement saying, we have a good idea of who the suspect is, we're just waiting on the paperwork -- the trail."

According to the New Albany Floyd County school district, nearly 68 percent of New Albany High School students were absent Monday. Video sent to WDRB by students showed empty, or near empty classrooms.

New Albany High School officials said absences would be dismissed Monday, but students were expected to attend the rest of the week.

Bailey said there is potential for both federal and state charges against the hacker, and that authorities are currently working to identify that person.

"We will make every effort to hunt down who ever is responsible for this sort of behavior and hold them accountable. This is not a simple prank. This is something that has been very concerning to our entire community," said Bailey.

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