LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It will take months to fix part of a road that collapsed in east Louisville. In the meantime, drivers and residents in the area are dealing with major headaches.

Transportation officials say 12,000 vehicles drive KY 22 each day and if you're one of those drivers, you will have to take a detour. One route uses Herr Lane, Westport Road and Goose Creek Road to take drivers to 22.

We found the detour more than tripled the normal route time, if going from the Ballantrae neighborhood to Norton Elementary School. It is a commute that normally takes four minutes, according to Google Maps. 

It took a WDRB crew 13 minutes to circle around with the detour. That was in the middle of the day, not at rush-hour.

The extra time is a worry for Pat Galla who lives off of 22. 

"Our fire station is on the other side of this hole at the corner of Goose Creek," said Galla. "In the past we've had numerous medical emergencies on our street, and we rely on this fire station here and the EMTs there."

Metrosafe officials say dispatchers have been alerted about the road closure and will call out the next closest emergency crew.

Another frustration for residents? Gawkers. 

"There's a lot of people locally who have been inconvenienced, they want to see firsthand the hole in the road," said Galla. 

People have ignored the barricades that should keep people away from the giant hole in the road to get a closer look. Transportation officials say the barricades are up to keep people safe and should not be ignored.

Transportation officials are working to put more signs out to alert drivers sooner of what is ahead. At this point, officials can only say that fixing the road will take months. 

"We really don't have an estimate at this time," said Andrea Clifford with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Heavy rain washed the culvert away Friday along with part of the road. The other chunk of pavement fell through to the creek below Sunday. 

"We're working to get a repair plan in place, we're working on estimates, we've requested emergency funding through our central office in Frankfort," said Clifford.

Clifford says the good news about Highway 22 is that the section of highway has been on their radar. 

"We have a little bit of a head start, there's a design project in that area to do turning lanes on Springcrest Drive on 22 and we were going to replace this culvert with that project so we had some of that work already underway," she said.

Another roadway, Martin Hill Road in Shepherdsville, may also be closed for some time. It also had a large chunk washed out because of the heavy rain.

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