TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Monday afternoon it was quiet and calm at Ray Jewell Memorial Park in Taylorsville where, just days earlier, flood waters caused major problems for the Little League. All four baseball fields seem deserted, covered in water and layers of mud.

“I didn't know the current was going to take over and blow all the fences down," said Little League vice president Chris Redmon.

Three days ago the entire park was covered in water. It washed away dirt from under the bases, removed a pitcher's mound and even carried off a port-a-potty.

"I mean we lost a lot of stuff it just floated away," said Redmon.

Corn and tobacco stalks fill the field and dugouts. Dirt, leaves and debris stuck in fences still standing, and a shed for baseball gear was moved off its foundation by the rushing water.

"It was about a foot into the concession stand," Redmon said.

A lot of food and drinks that were inside the concession stand will end up in the trash, and the overall damage is estimated around $60,000.

The current was so strong that it brought down a fence onto the new batting cages they're building and moved a picnic table more than 50 yards. One bench, which was supposed to be in a dugout, ended up on the other side of the diamond.

Opening day is supposed to be April 18, but 250 little leaguers like Mason Wright, 10, and Jacob Redmon, 8, will now have to wait.

"I really wanna play right now," said 10-year-old Mason Wright. "I like to see kids play and I like having friends."

"This is where I met [Mason],” Jacob Redmon explained. “I met all my other friends and so it's fun. I like it down here."

The boys are helping the park get back to normal, but there's a good chance opening day could be pushed back to May. That's devastating news to the 28 teams ready to play.

"They have nothing else to do. There's just nothing here. This is the only place they go," Chris Redmon said.

The little league is hosting a clean-up day Saturday morning, April 11, starting at 9 a.m., so if you'd like to help you're asked to just show up.

There is also a Go-Fund-Me page for rebuilding costs and you can click here to donate.

Photos courtesy: Spencer County Youth Baseball Association.

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