I'm sorry the Kentucky Wildcats were denied their perfect season Saturday night. Despite being derided as just a bunch of “one-and-dones,” the truth is that several of the team's most important members were playing in their second – and even third – seasons. And when so many highly-touted prep stars are able to play as a team without egos getting in the way, that's impressive.

And losing to a great team like Wisconsin is no disgrace.

What was a disgrace however, was the ugly scene in Lexington following the Cats' loss. Hundreds of people flooded the State Street area on UK's campus and proceeded to trash the place.

Fires were set. Bottles were thrown. Assaults were numerous. Police had to use pepper spray to break up fights. 29 people were arrested and three were hospitalized.

Unfortunately, behavior like this has become somewhat common on many college campuses when the home team wins a championship. But the fact that this occurred after a loss tells me these boneheads didn't really care about the outcome of the game at all. They had a riot planned, and it was going to happen, win or lose.

This was infantile. It was dangerous. And it had nothing to do with real passion for basketball.

True Cat fans should be outraged, because while Big Blue Nation is indeed big, even it's not big enough to make room for the likes of these fools.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.