LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Jeffersontown store clerk shot a man police say was trying to rob the store last month.

On Wednesday, Jeffersontown Police announced several arrests in connection with the case.

Police now know the gun used by the would-be robber was fake. That alleged robber had been in the hospital since the night he was shot, but is now in custody. Now, three others are also behind bars, motivated to commit a crime, police say, by drugs.

Police say it's all in the surveillance video.

But the clerk behind the desk was ready, grabbing his own gun.

"It struck the attempted robber in the hand and then went through his chest," said Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders.

The clerk called 911 after police say Sexton ran from the store.

"Somebody just came in and tried to rob me," the clerk told a dispatcher. "I believe I shot him."

"I must have hit him because he was bleeding," the clerk added. "There was blood all over the place."

Investigators tracked the blood to where they believe three others were waiting in a getaway car.

On Wednesday, Chief Sanders announced the arrests of Lawrence Thompson, Ariana Butler and Thomas Mikels. Police believe the three dumped Sexton at a nearby urgent care after the botched robbery. That's where police found Sexton with this note in his pocket, containing a threat to kill two clerks.

Police say the suspect didn't get a chance to use the note.

They tell WDRB that all four suspects admitted to being involved, and to being heroin addicts.

"They told us they went out to rob a heroin dealer," Chief Sanders. "They couldn't find one so they did the next best thing they could do and that's to do an attempted robbery of a liquor store."

Sissy Maddux owns a shop across the street from Kute's Liquors and is glad police have made arrests. She was robbed last week and has looked into classes to arm herself.

"Just knowing you've got to defend yourself in a situation like that because these guys want what they want and when they're out of money, they're going to do what they have to do to get it," she said.

Sexton is charged with first degree robbery. The other suspects face charges of second degree robbery and tampering with evidence.

The clerk was not injured in the shooting and is not expected to be charged.

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