LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – There's a knock on an apartment door from a trio of cadets with the Civil Air Patrol.

“We're helping the Red Cross with flood damage relief," one of the cadets explained to the person inside. "These are some cleaning supplies. They're completely free to you if you'd like them."

With boxes in hand, they've been going door-to-door offering free supplies to help flood victims get back on their feet.

“It's pretty heartbreaking, the damage that some folks have received,” Captain Cory Felts told WDRB News.

Residents of the Oak Run Apartments had a foot of water in their homes and now they have to rip out all the flooring. Their furniture and electronics were also destroyed.

“A lot of total damages to their homes,” said Felts.

In an effort wash away the mess and start fresh, the boxes include mops, sponges, bleach and other cleaning items. About 300 of the cleaning supply kits were handed out Wednesday. About 1,000 will be handed out by the end of the week.

“There's several sites that are disaster areas and it's our hope to be able to put one of these boxes in every home that we can,” Felts said.

But for those people still not back in their homes due to flash flooding, the American Red Cross has been assisting them at Broadbent Arena since Friday.

“We expect that might continue, knowing how the weather is expected to be the rest of the week,” said Amber Youngblood with the Red Cross.

Cots are lined up to give people a warm, dry place to sleep -- along with daily meals. The Red Cross also continues to provide individual services for mental health needs and first aid.

Until the weather dries up, officials are constantly monitoring weather patterns.

“We have teams of people, additional resources, as well as other shelters that are on standby to assist any and all needs that may occur due to the weather,” said Youngblood.

Officials say the shelter at Broadbent Arena will stay open as long as the need is there. If you need a clean-up kit, all you have to do is call the Red Cross at (502)-589-4450.

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