LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - In a state where bourbon rules, at the heart of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a small distillery run by two brothers is gaining attention for a drink that combines a childhood favorite and an adult beverage.

Steve and Paul Beam have seven generations of bourbon in their blood. When they opened the Limestone Branch Distillery four years ago, they set out to make the famous bluegrass beverage of their ancestors.

"It takes at least two to six years, preferably four to six, for a really good bourbon so we had time that we had to generate income and that's why we went to the moonshine," said Paul Beam.

No longer the backwoods booze of yesterday, moonshine's gone mainstream and it's being combined with a childhood favorite. "Moon Pie MoonShine" is a joint venture of the Beam brothers and the makers of the 100-year-old southern staple.

"When people see the Moon Pie label on the spirit it, brings a smile to their face, especially if they grew up in the southeast," said Steve Beam.

Crafted and bottled by hand in Marion county, the master distillers use the same flavors in the graham cracker, marshmallow snack.

"Dutch processed cocoa and Madagascar vanilla in parts of the process to make the flavoring so it's very high quality," said Steve.

The original Moon Pie might be for the kids, but not so much the Moon Pie MoonShine. Chocolate comes in at 50 proof, banana and vanilla are 53 proof.

"When you are taking a drink of the Moon Pie MoonShine, it tastes like a liquid Moon Pie," said Steve.

Now the very thing that started as a side project, is now the main event. Moon Pie MoonShine won the "World's Best Liquor" title at this year's World Liquor Awards. An unexpected surprise for the master distillers who set out to make bourbon.

"To be validated by your peers is a special event," said Steve.

The Beams are honoring the history of their family and the iconic southern brand one sip at a time. The Limestone Branch Distillery makes 20 to 35 gallons of moonshine a day and the Moon Pie MoonShine is their top seller.

Their first batch of bourbon is scheduled to be ready by this fall.

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