LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local sheriff lied to the FBI to cover up an affair with a prostitute. The scandal may have cost Danny Rodden his career, but it will not cost him his freedom.

When former Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden walked into the federal building, he was greeted by supporters. He spent time hugging and shaking hands before his hearing began.

In front of the judge, Rodden made an emotional plea, apologizing for his behavior and saying he disappointed and embarrassed his family.

Rodden is accused of covering up an affair with a prostitute and lying to the FBI about it.

The judge received more than 100 letters asking for leniency, including one from the archbishop of Indianapolis.

Rodden was ordered to serve two years of probation, perform community service and pay a fine. The ruling could have been more severe, but a recent Supreme Court decision changed the sentencing guideline range he faced, tying the hands of prosecutors.

"They redefined 'tangible objects' to mean anything capable of storing records, as opposed to objects which are tangible, so when they did that, the sentencing guideline range changed markedly, and really we were with a probationary sentence in the case," said Brad Blackington of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Blackington calls it 'disappointing.'

"These are the tools we had in the toolbox and that's what we used," he said.

After the hearing, Rodden and his legal team declined to comment. His wife was not in attendance. He says they are trying to 'work through' their problems.

Rodden was sentenced to two years of probation, more than 200 hours of community service, and ordered to pay a $4,000 fine.

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