I want to talk to you about Kentucky's student assessment testing called KPREP.

KPREP does not instruct children, isn't a part of their grades and is up to 11 hours of "High Stakes Testing" of our children for the purpose of collecting data and tracking students in return for federal money. As a part of Common Core, the state of Kentucky mandates this non-instructional testing of our children. But Ohio and California have laws that acknowledge a parent's right to refuse assessment testing of THEIR children for any reason.

Recently, a friend petitioned Oldham County Schools to exempt her 8-year-old girl from KPREP testing. The response from the Oldham County Superintendent was shocking.

He says, parents "do not have a constitutional right to 'direct how a public school teaches their child... It is my expectation that your daughter will make a good faith effort… a student shall not use or attempt to use PASSIVE RESISTANCE or any other conduct that will cause the substantial and material disruption or obstruction of ANY lawful mission, process or function of the school."

That's education with Common Core. Any resistance is met with hostility. Hence, the Superintendent of Oldham Schools bullying a parent and her 8-year-old little girl.

It shouldn't be this way. I urge you to call your State Legislators. Tell them that you want the same right as California and Ohio parents to refuse assessment testing of your children. They're YOUR children, not theirs.

I'm Karl Steutermann, and that's my Point of View.

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