SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Allegations of sexual misconduct against Shepherdsville Mayor Scott Ellis became public just two hours before Monday night's city council meeting.

Some thought Ellis wouldn't show up, but a council member says he's never missed a meeting. 

And Monday night was no exception.

"Well I'm shocked because he's never seemed like that type of person," said Faith Portman, who ran against Ellis in the last mayoral election.

She also served alongside him for four years.

"I was a little taken back by it," she said.

Ellis is now facing several allegations of sexual misconduct. WDRB uncovered the claims five months ago as police also began investigating.

"As a citizen of Bullitt County and the City of Shepherdsville, I'm very much concerned about the allegations," said resident Jim Hatfield. “I always try to be open-minded and give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but they're very strong allegations."

"I mean I hope it's not true for his family, for him, for the community especially because Shepherdsville does not need any more negative publicity," said Portman.

Despite the publicity, the issue was not on the agenda and did not come up in the meeting or during public comment.

"Well I think the council needs to let the dust settle,” said Councilman Larry Hatfield. “First of all, find out what's true what's not true."

Hatfield says major allegations like this take time to investigate.

"Evidently there's some allegations made, and I think if this thing progresses we're going to need to know what's the truth," said the councilman.

WDRB spoke with Ellis before Monday's meeting. He says he does have a lawyer and the entire ordeal is hard on his family and he's already talked with his wife about the allegations.

"That's all I can say at this time," Ellis said after the meeting. "Me and my family are going to battle through it and we'll make the city of Shepherdsville better."

“I hope that he can get his personal life lined out,” said councilman Hatfield. “I feel sorry for his family and hopefully he can put it behind him and we can move on."

Hatfield says the council will have to get some legal advice as to how to move forward, but he will be asking for a full investigation of all departments.


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