LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Neighbors say the Economy Inn on Bardstown road brings drugs and prostitution to the area, but the owners of the troubled motel say they're working to turn the place around.

A community forum was held Monday night to discuss the future of the motel. If it doesn't pass a health inspection next week, its permit will be suspended.

"There are so many laws to protect them and I haven't figured out what laws are protecting me as a homeowner." Theresa Underwood said during the meeting. "At what point do I have to stop bearing the brunt of what ever's going on in that place? I'm not sure who's going to protect me and my neighborhood."

Underwood says she's seen prostitutes, drug deals and dirty needles in her neighborhood. She says it's coming from the Economy Inn on Bardstown Road.

Motel owners say they are turning things around, they've hired a security company and plan to invest $700,000 in the property.

"People they think it's like ten years ago, it's not. The Economy Inn has been changed. Now we are in a process to renovate the area." general manager Kelly Kado said.

However, data provided by councilman Steve Magre shows the motel has failed several health inspections over the past couple years and there were more than 1,300 LMPD calls for service in 2014.

"To think that we spend a lot of money through the city that we market -- we brag that we're such a compassionate city. Then you take that first exit, go right, stop your car and look and say 'you gotta be kidding me'," councilman Magre said.

Magre called on the health department to explain why the motel got an extra 30 days to pass inspection. Officials say the agency was following administrative due process.

“We make the decision based on the recommendation from the -" the health department representative said before being cut off by Magre.

Magre believes the motel will be able to pass on April 20.

"In the past once they cut it and get the grade, nobody goes back for another ten months. Those days are over." Magre said.

He hopes to start a group that will better monitor the motel if it passes the inspection. 


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