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INVESTIGATORS: Jeffersontown teacher was stabbed 140 times by accused murderer

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Steve Dillard Steve Dillard
Ronshai Jenefor is escorted out of the Jeffersontown Police Department to be taken to Metro Corrections. Ronshai Jenefor is escorted out of the Jeffersontown Police Department to be taken to Metro Corrections.
Mary Jenefor, the suspect's niece. Mary Jenefor, the suspect's niece.
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Investigators say a Jeffersontown teacher who was found dead in his home was stabbed more than 100 times.

The victim, 55-year-old Steve Dillard, was found at his Jeffersontown home by his sister back in March. Ronshai Jenefor, age 21, is charged with his murder.

On Wednesday, WDRB obtained new information surrounding Dillard's death. According to a state police report, Jenefor admitted to the murder when he was questioned near the scene.

When asked why he did it, officers say Jenefor said Dillard molested him.

Dillard was known for running a foster home for at-risk youth. Police say Jenefor was living with him at the time.

Jenefor's own family was in court today and said they were there to support him.

"People are making it seem like my nephew is just a monster and he's really not," said Mary Jenefor, the suspect's aunt. "You know, he went to prom. He graduated from high school, he was on his way to college. He got sick. He's mentally ill, and no one is putting that out there."

But, she added, they felt sorrow for Dillard's family as well.

"Steve Dillard, he was a part of our family too," she said. "He was a good family friend to us."

"We went to the wake -- the funeral," she added. "And we were treated like family at his funeral, and I just want to let the family know, sorry that this happened. We are very sorry that this happened."

She added that she saw no evidence of any molestation.

"Nothing that I know of, no," she said. "Steve was always good to us. But like I said, no one knows what happened that day. It's just sad all the way around."

New information

The newly added discovery sheds additional light on the case.

According to a police report, officers were called to Dillard's home on Thelma Lane just before 11 a.m. on Friday, March 13, after his sister found his body inside the home.

"The body was lying face up and was covered with a sheet," police say. "There appeared to be puncture marks on the body and a large area of carpet that was discolored from what I believed was from pooling of blood."

Police say they were given the description of Jenefor, who is described in the report as Dillard's roommate. They found a person matching the description of Jenefor walking on Six Mile Lane, near Pine Lake Drive, nearby.

An officer stopped that person, who turned out to be Jenefor himself, and asked if he could speak with him. Jenefor said, "OK," according to the report. Police say he had blood on his right hand, around his fingers and nails.

Police began to question Jenefor. When he was asked if he knew Dillard, Jenefor allegedly told officers, "He died."

"I asked him, 'What happened?'" the officer writing the report stated. "Ronshai Jenefor stated, 'I stabbed him and killed him.'"

When police asked Jenefor why, he allegedly replied, "Because he was molesting me."

The officer asked, "Was Mr. Dillard molesting you at the time you stabbed him?"

According to the report, Jenefor said, "No."

"I asked Ronshai if Mr. Dillard was hurting him or if he was in any danger when he killed Mr. Dillard," the officer stated in the report. "Ronshai stated 'no'."

Jenefor was taken to the Jeffersontown Police Department and put into an interview room. Police say he repeated his admission that he stabbed and killed Dillard.

According to an autopsy report, Dillard was stabbed 140 times.

Jenefor is charged with murder.

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