AUSTIN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Police in Scott County, Indiana have made more than two dozen arrests after Indiana State Police conducted a 12-month investigation.

According to Scott County Prosecutor Jason Mount, police have arrested 28 people on drug charges, and warrants have been issued for for four other suspects.

Mount says law enforcement officers have not been monitoring people seeking help at a treatment center in Scott County. He says people who want to take advantage of free HIV testing or the needle exchange program have nothing to fear from police.

He says it's important to remember these investigations are not a response to the HIV epidemic: it's due to rampant drug problems in southern Indiana.

Mount says the 28 arrests were a direct result of the 12-month ISP investigation, and that drug investigations will continue in Scott County.

Sheriff McLain says they have noticed a lot of meth coming from Mexico, but police are still finding homemade labs. He also says Scott County officials want to talk with pharmaceutical companies about taking addictive drugs off the market.

McLain says Scott County needs more options for rehab centers for drug addicts, and that more money is needed to continue treating the growing number of HIV positive inmates.

Mount says drug crimes are not victimless -- and that Scott County is the victim of drug crimes.

Austin Police Chief Donald Spicer says they're very concerned about the health of their community and arrests will continue.

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