LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A "long-term contract" has been signed, formalizing plans to bring
a new Mexican restaurant to the downtown location that formerly housed Tumbleweed

That Tumbleweed restaurant closed in November of last year. The building's landlord evicted the restaurant, claiming the owners hadn't paid rent since July of 2014. The dispute between landlord and restaurant has 
resulted in a high profile lawsuit.

After five months of sitting empty, the Waterfront Development Corporation has reach an agreement with a new restaurant. Falls City Hospitality Group of Louisville has signed a multi-year contract with building landlord Waterweeds LLC.

The partners in Falls City Hospitality Group are most popular for their downtown Louisville restaurant Doc Crow's. The group also has a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.

"We want to do business with them because they have a good track record," said Waterfront Development Corporation president David Karem. "They have several restaurants. All the feedback you get about them is 100 percent positive."

In January, Brett Davis of Falls City Restaurant Group told WDRB that they planned to do a Mexican food concept in the space. He said menu price and atmosphere would be similar to Doc Crow's, with entrees priced at or below $20.

Construction is scheduled to begin in about three weeks. Renovations are expected to cost about $1.2 million. 

"They are going to want to put their own signature on it," said Karem. "They're talking about re-configuring the interior and opening up a bit more views to the river. What they're looking at is exciting."

The restaurant is expected to open in late September or early October.

Once the restaurant is in operation, the Waterfront Development Corporation expects to receive $150,000 a year. The Waterfront Development Corporation will receive 3.5 percent of the restaurant's gross sales, which is the same deal that has been made with Joe's Crab Shack.

Officials would not say how many years the contract is for, but officials indicated it is for more than 10 years.

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