Zero Tolerance.

That's what the owners of the infamous Economy Inn on Bardstown Road should expect going forward, now that the hotel has passed its latest health inspection.

Apparently, the money they've recently spent for physical improvements was enough to make health officials overlook the hotel's long and dismal track record and allow it to stay open for business – for now.

But while they were bad in and of themselves, lousy air conditioners and broken smoke alarms have never been this business's cardinal sins. The real problem has been the public nuisance the hotel has been for years because of chronic on-site prostitution, drug trafficking and other serious criminal activities that have resulted in the Police Department making nearly 1,400 runs to the address last year alone.

Why should anyone – especially the poor souls who live in the adjacent neighborhood – believe a little remodeling is going to change this place's fundamental nature?

The Economy Inn has long been a proven magnet for crime and a cancer on the Bardstown Road corridor, and it should be out of “second chances” by now. The only acceptable solution should be a complete change in ownership. Or, even better, its demolition. And I hope the scrutiny is tight enough going forward to ensure that the next violation – no matter how minor – results in one or the other.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.