LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - The 2015 Kentucky Associated Press Award Ceremony was held Saturday night, and it was a special night for many WDRB staff members.

Here are the results:

- Hard News Feature category:

1st Place: Rachel Collier and Dominik Fuhrmann

2nd Place: Emily Mieure and Chris Monroe

3rd Place: Gilbert Corsey and Dominik Fuhrmann

- Best Feature Videography:

2nd Place: Kyle Lizenby

- Best News Videography

3rd Place: Dominik Fuhrmann

- Best Special Series/Documentary

2nd Place: Gilbert Corsey and Neil Johnson

- Best Political Coverage

1st Place: WDRB News (Election Night coverage)

- Best Spot News

2nd Place: WDRB News (Fern Creek HS shooting)

- Best Website

3rd Place: WDRB News

- Best Digital Journalist

1st Place: Christopher Otts

2nd Place: Marcus Green

3rd Place: Eric Crawford

- Best Weather Anchor

1st Place: Jude Redfield

- Best TV Reporter

2nd Place: Gilbert Corsey

3rd Place: Rachel Collier

- Best TV News Anchor

2nd Place: Chris Sutter


Stay tuned as more awards are announced.

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