LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- People are lining up to start a new career that involves building websites and developing apps. Right now, Kentuckiana Works is signing people up to learn how to code with free training.

The orientations are being held at the downtown library. Interest in this field started growing after President Barack Obama made a special trip to Louisville to highlight a local company.

"I'm actually unemployed," said Troy Woods, job seeker who was on a mission at the Kentucky Career Center. "I'm in here searching for a job."

There are no jobs in his field at the moment, so Woods is joining a growing number of people with diverse backgrounds who are thinking about starting a new career.

"We absolutely have GEDs to PHDs," said Rider Rodriguez, Director of sector strategies for KentuckianaWorks.

Rodriguez said coding is becoming the new career of choice in Metro Louisville. "Coding is giving instructions to a computer to make it do things and doing it in a way that is half way between your language and halfway between the computer's language."

Rodriguez said Code Louisville was already getting lots of attention, but a visit from the white house upped the ante. 

"The president's visit just knocked it into a new stratosphere," he said. "We've got 254 people who are going to be starting our may class...we've got 700 other people who have applied."

Gary Wise, Operations Administrator for the Kentucky Career Center, said sometimes people are reluctant to consider a new career, but coding is changing that.

"Some people come in with that mindset that they've done this for 20-25 years, you know, a specific job and and it's a little scary -- changing gears, having to go back to school, be retrained," said Wise.

Troy Woods is going to take a serious look at coding. Mainly because he needs a job and change is not the thing that scares him the most.

"What scares me the most is not having a job 'cause there's so much going on out here in this world," said Woods.

To find out how you can sign up for the next orientation, click here.

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