LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Western Kentucky sheriff's deputy is on administrative leave after his gun fell out of his jacket at a wedding at a church and went off when it hit the floor.

According to published reports, Cory Golightly was adjusting his jacket when the gun fell to the floor and fired. The bullet hit his own mother.

Jeanine King says she was leaving the Carlisle County church when she heard a loud noise. At first she thought it was a balloon, then realized it was a gunshot.

Shocked by the noise, King says she started to panic but then realized the deputy made the mistake.

"For a gun to be fired in church was just something I've never heard before and it was so scary and terrifying," King said. "He was so calm. He said, 'Mom, breathe and be calm. Be calm.'"King says the deputy's mom is doing OK, but will probably spend a week in the hospital.

Golightly is on paid administrative live until Carlisle County completes an investigation.

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