NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- It's primary Election Day in Indiana, and voters in Floyd County will notice a number of changes compared to last fall.

There were no lines outside the New-Albany Floyd County public library Tuesday, which is one of the polling places in New Albany. That's in stark contrast to November's election,

Officials say machines were down for most of the morning, and when all machines were working they couldn't keep up with the crowds. 

"We had several issues that compounded into a very ugly day with a lot of long lines," said Floyd County Clerk Christy Eurton. 

"I ended up going to two locations last time," said Floyd County voter David Ehlers, who says it took him about an hour to vote last fall. 

This Tuesday, he says voting only took him a few minutes. 

Floyd County leaders say a number of changes have been made, including the purchase of 86 new voting machines and the addition of eight voting center locations.

They also focused on training poll workers.

"We had several of the poll workers that felt like they weren't properly trained," said Eurton.  

"Again, you find poll workers at the last minute, and this is with any county election," said Eurton. You can only do so much training in the time that you have. It's not like they're voting on paper ballots -- they're using electronic poll books which are simply laptops. They're putting them on a touch screen system, which again, is not a paper ballot, so poll workers feel uneasy still about that."

Eurton says several poll workers have now worked two cycles, and feel more confident today.

"Our numbers aren't going to be anywhere close to what they were last time," Eurton said. 

While more than 19,000 people voted in the last election, primaries typically have a lower turnout. Eurton says the real test for this county will come in 2016 during the presidential election. 

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