LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky gubernatorial candidate James Comer on Tuesday flatly denied a Louisville newspaper report that he physically and psychologically abused a former girlfriend during his college years.

At a news conference in Lexington, Comer said a Courier-Journal story that appeared online Monday night was filled with inconsistencies, implausible scenarios and outright lies.

The newspaper's story cited claims made in a letter by Marilyn Thomas, a woman who said she was Comer's former girlfriend. Thomas' letter outlined a relationship with Comer that was physically abusive and "controlling," according to the report.

Thomas also claimed she and Comer visited an abortion clinic in 1991 and Comer got angry because she used his real name on a form she signed.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday afternoon, Comer denied the information contained in the letter. He said he never drove Thomas to an abortion clinic, that there were "shadowy figures" behind the story and that none of it was close to reality.

He called the newspaper's report a "Rolling Stone" style of journalism -- referring to the magazine's recent erroneous article on campus rape at the University of Virginia -- and refused to answer questions from Joseph Gerth, who wrote the Courier-Journal story.

Comer described himself as a man of character. He said his campaign was looking to a recent poll showing that he had taken the lead in the race, and moving forward. 

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