LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Police say one of the men accused of murdering a Kentucky Derby tourist over the weekend also killed a Louisville teenager back in February, but never faced any charges.

A few hours after the Kentucky Derby, Toronto resident Scott Hunter was on his way back to his hotel when police say he was robbed and murdered.

Soon after, police arrested Fahed Abu-Diab, his sister Fatima Abu-Diab and her boyfriend Tyrone Thomas Jr. All three are charged in connection to Hunter's murder.

Police have also tied them to seven armed robberies that began Oaks night and lasted until Hunter's murder just before midnight on Saturday.

Investigators say those robberies involve 12 victims, most of them tourists.

WDRB then learned from police sources one of the suspects, Fahed Abu-Diab, shot and killed Western High School student Anthony Smith Jr. in February.

But that homicide was ruled "justified" and charges weren't filed against Abu-Diab.

"I want to just put my hands around that family and tell them that I understand,” said a tearful Elgina Smith, Anthony Smith Jr.'s mother.

Smith's parents and Bishop William Harris believe police and prosecutors didn't take enough time to review the case.

"They put him in for 35, 40 minutes questioning him and just released him. He was out on the streets bragging in 24 hours about how he got away with it,” said Bishop William Harris.

"If they only would have took a little more time before they said justifiable , this wouldn't have happened to another person,” said Elgina Smith.

But the mother says at the time of her son's killing, Fahed Abu-Diab was described to her as an innocent, scared young man not capable of murder.

"He was such a fragile person and now he's a killer. I forgave him quickly and I still forgive him but this is so hard, to know not even 90 days later he has hurt another family,” said Elgina Smith.

Now that Abu-Diab is charged with Scott Hunter's murder, Smith's family wants officials to re-visit their son's case and investigate what really happened.

"I really want some closure for myself. I'm so happy for that family that they don't have to wait and they don't have to hear people say what does justifiable mean?” Elgina Smith told reporters Tuesday.

Bishop Harris says the Smith family will consider a lawsuit if they think it's necessary but Elgina Smith says it hurts knowing no matter what actions they take, nothing will bring back her son.

“This hurt is so real and it's every day and death is so permanent. I'm never going to see my son again. I just have to look forward to dying myself and hopefully going to heaven to see him again,” she said.

Fatima Abu-Diab and Tyrone Thomas Jr. faced a judge Tuesday morning and pleaded not guilty.

Both are being held on bond.

Fahed Abu-Diab is due in court Wednesday morning.


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