LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- No spare change is needed to park on the two block stretch of Preston near Slugger Field in downtown Louisville.

The pay-by-phone pilot program was launched in 2014 and about 20 spots don't have meters, but you still have to pay through an app called Passport.

"It's going pretty well. We're still in the process of making it more widely known,” said Tiffany Smith with PARC.

Smith says pay-by-cell spots are only experiencing about 10 percent usage but that's up from last year.

"The initial usage in that area was very low but now it's picking up and people are utilizing it,” she said.

But on a Wednesday afternoon, not one car was using the spots.

That could be because nine to five-ers have designated parking or maybe people are still confused about how it works.

We decided to put the system to the test. If you don't have the Passport app, you can go to a website that asks you to log in. If you don't have a smartphone, there's a number you can call.

"They want to make sure they get the space number because when you do call in or you use the app, you must enter the space number,” explained Smith.

Smith says the meter-less parking is more cost efficient for the city.

“The passport saves metro at least $600 a meter by not purchasing, installing and having the maintenance that's associated with the meters."

In case you're wondering, parking enforcement officers can tell whether or not you've paid, with or without a meter.

"If they see a vehicle there, they'll use the web to see if they've paid or not,” Smith said.

And if you want to use an old-fashioned meter that will take your loose change Smith says, you can go to the next block.

"There's meters all adjacent to it,” she said.

The city says it's too soon to know if they'll expand the meter-less parking to other parts of Louisville.

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