LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An elementary school principal in Harrison County, Indiana, will be on national television on Friday.

Heth-Washington Elementary School Principal, Nissa Ellett, was contacted by the Rachael Ray Show earlier this year.

In December, the principal started a fundraiser to make sure all students at Heth-Washington Elementary had new shoes to wear.

“I was like, yes, I got new shoes! Hallelujah,” said James Timberlake, a third grade student.

Principal Ellett says there was a great need in the school to help the kids.

“We have 75 percent of our students at or below the poverty line,” said Principal Ellett.

Ellett says they came up with the plan after they noticed some of their students wearing shoes with the soles coming off.

“We were repairing shoes all the time and I just thought, my gosh, we have to do something,” said Ellett.

With help from teachers, parents, and community members, $17,000 was raised and all kids received a bag of shoes and gifts.

“A few students told me they had never had new shoes,” said Principal Ellett.

The Rachael Ray Show took notice.

“I got the call and was able to go out and do a Mother's Day show,” said Principal Ellett.

A camera crew also stopped by the school, interviewing kids like Jenna and James Timberlake.

“I'm going to be so happy because I'm finally going to let the world see my pretty face,” Jenna Timberlake squealed.

Ellett says meeting Rachael Ray was a wonderful opportunity.

“She's just so full of energy and life and just such a champion for kids,” said Principal Nissa Ellett.

It's the kids that Ellett says made the experience worthwhile.

As for James and Jenna, life outside of school walls may never be the same.

“Next time we go to the store, they're going to be like, hey, those are those kids that were on TV,” said James Timberlake.

There are some surprises that happen on the show that we aren't yet able to release.

You can catch Ellett on Rachael Ray on WDRB Friday at 10 a.m.


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