LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students saw inappropriate behavior between a teacher and a 13-year-old student she was having a sexual relationship with. Those are the claims from the attorney representing the boy and his father in a civil suit against JCPS and Jessica Boyers. 

Attorney Jimmy Nicholson says staff at Highland Middle School should have reported any suspicions sooner. "She would rub his back, he'd rub her back in the classroom, there'd be some touching, i'm not saying sexual touching, in the sense, maybe stroking an arm," said Nicholson.

Boyers pleaded guilty to rape and sexual abuse charges in Oldham and Jefferson Counties, where the incidents took place in 2013. She was 24 at the time. Boyers was sentenced to 10 years Friday in Jefferson County; on Thursday she was sentenced in Oldham County to 12 years. 

The sentences will run concurrently, which means 12 years total. However, she could be eligible for parole after serving about 2 years. To be eligible for parole, she will have to be a model inmate and complete a treatment program in prison. Her attorney says she has already been going through therapy the past year and a half.

Boyers was seen hugging a man Friday in court in Jefferson County before being taken into custody. Her attorney would not say who the man is, but says Boyers is remorseful. "She has exhibited with the therapist as well as with me,and the court, full responsibility of what happened. she regrets it, she wishes she could go back in time and not do it," said Keith Kamenish, defense attorney.

Boyers was a JCPS teacher at Highland Middle School.  She will have to register as a sex offender.

"There is no good outcome for anyone. i can't get innocence back for this little boy and now ms. boyers is in prison, where she should be, by law," said Christie Foster, assistant commonwealth's attorney.

Attorney Jimmy Nicholson is representing the victim and his father in a lawsuit against Boyers and JCPS. "The fact is, you had a 13 year old boy who was taken advantage of by a teacher at his school, that's the biggest breach of trust one can have," said Nicholson. 

Nicholson says the teen is going through counseling, and is having a hard time dealing with respect issues.

Boyers' attorney says she will likely stay at the women's prison in Pee Wee Valley. She is not eligible for shock probation.

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Ex-Highland Middle School teacher pleads guilty to rape, sexual abuse in Jeff. Co.

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