LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A well-known Louisville brewery is taking on a new name and focusing on a unique form of brewing.

Bluegrass Brewing Company, located along East Main Street in downtown Louisville, is now Good Wood Brewery. Not to be confused with the Bluegrass Brewing Company that has restaurants in St. Matthews and downtown Louisville, the downtown brewery said the re-branding has been in the works for some time.

"We've had a long learning experience and great relationship with BBC," said Goodwood president Phil Dearner. "We found, as we developed new products, we really loved working with wood and barrel aging.”

Dearner says through barrel aging, a process they've used for several years in order to make BBC's Bourbon Barrel Stout and Bourbon Barrel Ale, they found an opportunity to break off from BBC and create their own niche.

"There's a lot of breweries that dabble in wood aging, but there's no one who owns wood aging," he said. "We want to develop into a regional--maybe a national--brewery so that when people think of wood aging they think of Good Wood Brewing Company."

The brewmaster and Chief Operating Officer, Joel Halbleib, promises that every beer Goodwood makes will touch wood.

"When we take beer out of the barrels for it to chill down, we put these big wood chips in there and let it sit for a while and absorb the flavors out of the wood,” he said. “It will be really interesting to see what flavors we can get out of new woods as we grow and get different woods in there.”

At the time the brand launches, there will be seven Goodwood beers:

Red Wine Barrel Aged Saison will be aged in old wine barrels. 

Louisville Lager will use Ash wood in the brewing process -- a wood commonly used by Louisville Slugger in bat making. 

Nut Brown Ale will be brewed with Oak wood and walnuts. 

The Brandy Barrel Honey Ale will be aged in brandy barrels. 

Goodwood Pale Ale will be brewed with Poplar. 

Bourbon Barrel Stout and Bourbon Barrel Ale will, of course, be aged in old bourbon barrels.

Halbleib said Goodwood should replace BBC in Louisville retail stores by the end of May. Stores in Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and Virginia should be carrying Goodwood by July.

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