LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A search is underway for an alleged Pleasure Ridge Park drug dealer who has already been arrested twice. 

Louisville Metro Police raided a home on W. Pages Lane Tuesday night. They seized drugs, guns, ammunition and cash. Five people were arrested, but the man police were looking for got away.

According to arrest reports, three of the suspects taken into custody were 20-year-old Mackenzie Elizabeth Davis, 19-year-old Shatone T. Jackson and 18-year-old Jordan T. Edlin. They are each charged with enhanced trafficking in a controlled substance, enhanced trafficking in marijuana and enhanced possession of drug paraphernalia.

LMPD Sergeant Steve Bailey says the suspect who got away was already facing drug charges before Tuesday's raid.  

"Unfortunately, he's been out on bond awaiting his second case that is pending," Bailey said. "So, unfortunately for us, it's an ongoing issue -- dealing with the court process. And in the meantime he is out, hasn't learned his lesson, continuing to traffic and deal narcotics."

Bailey says the suspect is not much older than a juvenile.  He says they've gotten complaints about people coming and going from the house on West Pages Lane. 

"You see different cars that come in and out," said one neighbor. "Certain times of the month, you see four or five different cars with out of state plates." 

Police believe the suspect has been making big money selling drugs at the house and in the community. 

"It's frustrating, obviously as law enforcement -- we've gotten used to it -- it's the court system but it's frustrating for both law enforcement and the community," Bailey said. "Like I said, this guy has been given multiple opportunities.

Bailey did not immediately identify the suspect, but says he has already pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine and heroin and is "mocking the system." 

Five people were arrested in the raid including three adults and two underage suspects. Police and SWAT also found cash, handguns, a shotgun and a large amount of ammo. They also seized marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and materials used to package drugs. 

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