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POV | There oughta be more than a law

People like to say "There oughta be a law" when they encounter unacceptable behavior. But more laws aren't what we need. We need more people who are motivated to do the right thing, law or no law.

This was driven home to me recently by a news feature I saw about a small, isolated Scottish island that's virtually untouched by crime. There's no murder, no muggings -- not even any road rage. And that's because anyone who committed those kinds of anti-social acts in such a small, self-contained community would be ostracized and have to leave the island. And even their descendants would bear the shame generations later.

When your connection with society is this personal, there's a strong motivation to act correctly.

Unfortunately, in our society, such interpersonal obligations are relatively rare. Not enough people have the strong family ties or other support systems necessary to foster a genuine empathy for others. And when people lose their connection to something larger than themselves, selfish behavior becomes prevalent regardless of its illegality.

That can change. But not unless we reverse the current trend of family disintegration and start engaging each other as respected members of our larger society. Only that can transform our culture into something like the one on that island -- where people do the right thing simply because it is right.

It's a tall order, but it's also our only real hope.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.
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